Monday, August 8, 2022

Movie Review: Sharp Stick


Michael's Movie Grade: F

A film that doesn't seem to have the slightest idea it is trying to say. 

One gets the feeling that Sharp Stick is trying to say something about living in a world obsessed with sex, but most people will leave the theater wondering what exactly that something is. That is because the film itself seems to be confused as to what it is saying. Most scenes either seemingly don't say anything or are presented in such a way that most movie audiences could never decipher. I don't always need movies to explain everything to me and I like when a film can make me think. But this film is not only unclear as to what it is saying but offered me little food for thought. Instead it was simply a mess. Perhaps this could have been rectified if the film was the least bit entertaining but instead this is simply unpleasant to watch. While unpleasantness can be used as a great tool in movies but it always has to be done with a point. If there is no point, then there is no reason we should be subjected to the unpleasantness. Here there is no point. Much of this unpleasantness comes from a lot of the film simply being in bad taste. There is even a scene here where there is a baby shower for a baby who was aborted. This scene is made worse by the fact that it is handled so messily, we have no idea if the scene is supposed to be sad or funny.  The sex and porn scenes (I would say don't take your kids to this film, but you shouldn't subject yourself to it either) are handled in a similarly messy fashion. Are they supposed to be disturbing, funny, sexy or some sort of comment on our culture? Who knows? All I know is those were just some of the scenes where I felt restless sitting in my seat. All of this is made worse by the characters. The characters have little to no personality outside of maybe one trait. The main character though is even worse than the others, she is just as much a mystery to us. If we are supposed to relate to her in any way I fail to see how. 

Avoid at all costs. 

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