Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Movie Review: Mack and Rita


Michael's Movie Grade: C

A charming but forgettable feel-good movie. 

This film is a lot like a Hallmark movie on the big screen. It has a charm to it and is a pleasant watch but there is little you are going to remember about it in a few days. This movie has a simple but charming premise involving a 30-year-old woman, who is exhausted from trying to fit in with her same age friends, when she feels she has more in common with an old lady. When she decides to do a past life regression, she then finds herself as a 70-year-old woman. This all leads to the typical romantic mishaps and a nice lesson about being yourself. The romance here is actually done quite well. There seems to be a real connection between the characters and how the relationship evolves is very well done. Our main character is very likable and relatable. Her character arc is also very relatable and her progress through this arc feels very natural. Diane Keaton of course shines here like she always does. Though many movies with her are not as good as she is, she is always wonderful in any film. Though she plays many scenes for broad comedy, she also brings a lot of heart and humanity to the role. Yet Elizabeth Lail, who plays the younger version of the character is also very good and charming in her role. 

Despite being advertised as a comedy, this movie is not that funny. If you are excepting to get some big laughs, this may not be the film for you. The jokes are not really bad, but they are ones you are more likely to smile at then laugh at. This movie also is very predictable and familar. Many scenes will make you think, "where have I seen this before," and anyone who has ever watched a movie before knows how this film will end. 

This film provides a pleasant trip to the movies but little more. 

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