Monday, August 8, 2022

Movie Review: Ali and Ava


Michael's Movie Grade: A-

A truly wonderful romantic movie.

This is not a film with a big story, but that is just what makes it so great. This is a film that focuses on the smaller but more beautiful parts of life. When we look back on our most important relationships in life (whether it be romantic, family or friendship), what we look back on with the greatest happiness is the little-tiny moments between us. Because we know that these are truly the moments that make any relationship in life worth having. This movie understands that and while it goes through some of the conventional romantic movie subplots, those are never the focus. The real heart of the film lies in the tiny moments, like the two discussing music, listening to each other's music, dancing with a bunch of school kids and simply share why they are hurt by what is happening in their lives. These scenes are simply incredibly charming and make us think of the great moments we have had with those we love (romantic or not). Much of this comes through the pure naturalness and unpretentiousness of how these moments are presented (perhaps a result of director, Clio Barnard's experience making documentaries). Much of this also comes from the wonderful performances of Adeel Akhtar and Claire Rushbrook, who are not only completely natural on screen, but have great chemistry with each other. With all this in mind, it can feel like you are watching a documentary about a couple rather than a fictional film. Yet as sweet and charming as this film is, it is also very funny. One problem I have with many "romantic comedies" is that they are not really that funny. This is an exception. I did not come into this movie excepting to laugh out loud and was pleasantly surprised by how much I did.  Music plays a major role in this movie and it is used perfectly. every song on the soundtrack helps tell the story and enhances it. As a Bob Dylan fan, I especially love how well his song, Mama You've on My Mind is used here.  

This is simply a must see. 

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