Sunday, March 21, 2021

Movie Review: Chaos Walking


Note: I saw this film in a theater and it is so good to be back.

Michael's Movie Grade: C

An enjoyable trip to the movies but one can't help but feel this should have been better.

The main reason to watch this film is the two main characters. While they may not be extremely fleshed out, they are quite likable. On top of this the two actors (Tom Holland, Daisy Ridley) have excellent chemistry. They play off each other quite well and you grow to completely believe the friendship that grows between them. These two character bring much needed heart to this story. This especially shows in the scenes that discuss their parents. Because of us liking the characters these scenes are surprisingly heartfelt. Adding to this is that there are some well done action scenes and some pretty funny moments as well. One of the main plot points of this movie is something called the noise which allows you to hear and see men's thoughts. The way this is visual portrayed is honestly quite clever and this makes even some dialogue heavy scenes visually interesting. 

The problems with this movie begin with the world it takes place in. The problem is that despite taking place on a foreign planet (with the exception of the noise) there is nothing really interesting about this planet that can visually be seen. Not only does the planet simply look like a run down small town, but the entirety of what makes this planet different from ours in only heard in expository dialogue. Because of this none of the history of this planet is in anyway interesting or real to us. This film also suffers from being overly predictable. You can guess where the story is going early on and there are no real surprises here. 

Despite these faults, the things that work still make this an enjoyable watch. Still it could have been quite a bit better. 

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