Monday, March 29, 2021

Movie Review: Boogie


Michael's Movie Grade: F

Truly awful coming of age story. 

The problems with this film start with the main character himself. This kid is honestly a complete jerk through the whole running time. While not every movie needs its main character to be likable, it certainly hurts this one. This film wants the audience to connect with and sympathize with this character, but I just found myself unable to. Because of this watching him simply be a jerk to every other character is not in the least bit entertaining. The problems just continue on from there. The storyline is simply one cliché after another and each is done too poorly to make up for the lack of the originality. You know what is going to happen before it does and worse, you don't care when it does happen. All the characters that aren't our "hero" often feel more like plot devices than actual characters. The girlfriend and best friend especially have little personality beyond their functions in the plot and to give the main character someone to talk to. However the parents are the most unbearable. This is because all they do is fight and yell. This has only the function to make us uncomfortable. While it can be a good thing for a film to make us uncomfortable, this movie lacks any of the depth or emotional power to be one of those times. So what you are left with is just people yelling and fighting. The worst part of the movie though is that it has no entertainment value whatsoever. There is never a moment where this movie made me smile or excited. This is even a sports movie where the big climatic game is boring and causes no emotion response. When you don't care who wins the big game in a sports movie, you know it is bad. 

If you want to take a trip to the movie theater see anything else.     

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