Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Silent Films on TCM this November

Hello again my friends. As again I know that many of you like me are fans of both silent films and TCM. So for those like us here is a list of all the silent films playing on TCM this November.

Sunday, November 3rd

Master of the House
(1925) Director: Carl Theodore Dryer. Starring Johannes Mayer and Astrid Holm. 9:30pm Pacific. 12:30am Eastern.

 Wednesday, November 6

(1927) Director: FW Murnau. Starring George O'Brien and Janet Gaynor. 10:45pm Pacific. 1:45am Eastern.

Thursday, November 7th

(1926) Director: Fritz Lang. Starring Bridgette Helm and Alfred Abel. 12:30am Pacific. 3
3:30am Eastern.

Sunday, November 10th

The Pagan
(1929) Director: W. S. Van Dyke. Starring Roman Novarro, Renee Adoree. 9pm Pacific. 12am Eastern.

Monday, November 11th

The Big Parade
(1925) Director: King Vidor. Starring John Gilbert and Renee Adoree. 3am Pacific. 6am Eastern.

Sunday, November 17th

Tokyo Chorus
(1931) Director: Yoshiro Ozu. Starring Tokihiko Okada and Emiko Yagumo. 9pm Pacific. 12am Eastern.

Sunday, November 24th

The Passion of Joan of Arc
(1927) Director: Carl Theodore Dryer. Starring Maria Falconetti and Eugene Silvan. 9pm Pacific. 12am Eastern.

Monday, November 25th

Sherlock Jr.
(1924) Directed by Buster Keaton. Starring Buster Keaton and Kathryn McGuire.

  -Michael J. Ruhland

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