Monday, October 14, 2019

Movie Review: Addams Family

Michael's Movie Grade: B

This charming little movie successeds heavily due to the likability of the Addamses, and some surprisingly quite funny humor.

What has kept the Addams Family good through all their incarnations is that there is a charm to these characters. They are kooky and spooky, but they still function as a truly loving family in their own way. The fact that they are so strange but also so much like us has endeared them to many people. This movie, I am sure will continue that tradition. While this film may have a cliché storyline and message (though even that is still not without its charms), they take a backseat to what we really care about here which the family dynamic. Honestly it is a joy to watch these characters simply interact with each other. They play off each other perfectly in the comedy scenes, and you can tell how much the love each other in the dramatic scenes. Speaking of the funny scenes in this movie they are actually quite funny. I excepted just light chuckles from this movie but I actually found myself laughing quite a bit, even the silliest of puns were quite funny. There is also some great slapstick here that is executed fantastically. The funniest parts of the movie were given to Lurch and It at the organ and piano. These scenes were fantastic, showing that pantomime humor is just as fun today as it ever was. Similarly everything with the spirit of the house certainly made me laugh.

The design work of this film, honestly has me split. I love the designs of the Addams Family and their house. All this is perfectly atmospheric and pulled me right into the movie. The house itself showed such great attention to detail with little things that didn't need to be there, but added a lot to the look of the film. What is so odd is that this design work is fantastic, yet the designs of the townspeople is actually quite bad. The worst is a friend that Wednesday makes that honestly is just very unappealing to look at. These characters often times look like they were created towards the beginning of computer animated movies instead of in 2019.

This film also unfortunately has a very weak villain that is too much like too many other animated movie villains as of late.

Still the good in my opinion very much outweighed the bad and I love the sing and snap along at the end.

-Michael J. Ruhland      


  1. First consider the fact that the co-directors of this movie are Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan who also directed Sausage Party, which was unfit for audiences under 18 and probably older. This flick is loaded with satanic nuances including the infamous Ouija Board. This Addams Family rendition remake is an obvious attempt to embed a demonic impression on young minds and is cleverly cloaked with a PG rating. Mainstream Hollywood has long used their power and influence to advance their evil and corrupt agenda on America and the world.Please think twice before letting your children watch this movie.