Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Movie Review: Ready Player One

Review Written By Michael J. Ruhland

Michael's Movie Grade: B

Review: This is not a perfect movie, but it certainly is fun.

There is a lot to enjoy about this movie. The protagonists are very likable, and well acted (Olivia Cooke is becoming one of my favorite modern actresses). The movie looks spectacular, but the visuals always help tell the story and never distract from it. The story is simple and very charming, as it never delves itself too far into needless complexities seen in too many modern action films (Especially superhero movies). One of the best things about this movie is the humor. The humor is often laugh out loud hilarious. This is especially true of The Shining scene which is brilliant. The movie may have tons of pop culture references, but they never feel like they are here to make the movie hip or cool. Steven Spielberg and his team make all these references feel like passionate tributes to what they love.

On the downside the villain is quite boring. He feels like a stock movie villain, that we have seen to many times before. Nothing new or different is added and little fun is had with this character. The climax of this movie also goes on much too long. It is really fun as it starts off, but as this action sequence goes on it gets boring. Still even with these faults the movie is very fun, and definitely worth a watch.

Also Marvin the Martian is in this movie. Sure it's brief but it made me smile.

-Michael J. Ruhland