Saturday, April 7, 2018

MLP:FIM Fake it 'Til You Make IT

This episode is the fourth written by Josh Hamilton (his previous episodes were Parental Glideance, Triple Threat and Secrets and Pies) The episode is storyboarded by Roxana Beiklik (who has boarded for the show since season 4) and Cat Tang (who has boarded for the show since Season 6).

While this may not be as great as the previous two episodes it is still quite a good one. The storyline is quite charming and while the message has been done before on this show it is still a very useful one. However the best thing about this episode is how funny the animation is. The character's facial expressions and movements are honestly funnier than the jokes. This is shown to its best advantage with Fluttershy taking on various different personalities. She not only acts differently by what she says but how she moves. This perfectly shows us, just how far she is taking this idea. Also hilarious are the raccoons' facial reactions to how Fluttershy is acting. Also while the ponies who aren't Fluttershy or Rarity play a much smaller part in this episode they are still delightful and are given some great lines. Overall while not one of the show's best, this episode is still quite delightful.

-Michael J. Ruhland