Friday, April 6, 2018

Movie Review: Isle of Dogs

Movie Review Written by Michael J. Ruhland

Michael's Movie Grade: A+

Review: Brilliant movie blends quirky comedy and serious social commentary perfectly.

This is a movie that blurs the line between a serious drama meant to make you think and a silly quirky comedy that is just plain fun. This film is both of those often at the same time. This is something that could easily make a bad film when given to most filmmakers. However Wes Anderson is not most filmmakers. He somehow makes this extremely difficult task work perfectly. One way he does this is to have the humor and commentary come naturally out of the story and characters. This movie is first and foremost a story about these dogs and a young boy and any humor or commentary must conform to this. Another way this is done is by having the comedy be played very quiet and low key, staying away from humor that is too noisy. This makes the transitions from being funny to being serious perfectly believable and acceptable. Still with being low key, the humor is often laugh out loud funny. The commentary is likewise very thought provoking. Adding to all this is that the characters re extremely likable and we easily root for them. The animation is also top notch. It adds to the quirkiness of the humor, but is never to over the top for us to take the characters seriously.

This movie is simply a must see for all animation fans.

-Michael J. Ruhland