Saturday, December 2, 2023

Loki: Glorious Purpose (2023)


A truly wonderful ending. 

This episode closes exactly what this whole series has been setting up. As I stated before, my problem with the earlier Marvel streaming series, were that they had great build up only for the ending to not live up to the buildup. This is not the case here at all. This episode not only has a perfect ending for the story, but it also includes a perfect ending for Loki's character arc. This feels like everything that not only the series but all of Loki's MCU appearances since the first Thor film in 2011. This episode also does exactly what one would want from the closing of one of these MCU shows. It feel like a satisfying conclusion to the series, while still leaving one wondering just where the MCU is going to go next. 

Yet even if you just take this as a standalone episode, it is still excellent. There is a wonderful sense of atmosphere throughout. The use of lighting and cinematography is fantastic. The confrontation scene with Sylvie and He Who Remains is simply wonderful. The conversation between Loki and He Who Remains is incredibly well written. It is very intelligent and thought provoking. The way it weaves around and twists everything we know is masterful. The scene also perfectly shows us why He Who Remains (or Kang or any of his variants) is such an incredible threat to the whole Marvel universe. Again this season has shown this better than his appearances before had at all. This scene is followed by a conversation between Loki and Mobius that is equally well done and intelligent. 

This is truly top-notch MCU.  

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