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Donald Duck in "The Autograph Hound" (1939)

Celebrity caricatures had become a staple of Hollywood cartoons in the 1930's. The Disney studio was no exception to this trend having made such films as Mickey's Gala Premiere, Mickey's Polo Team and Mother Goose Goes Hollywood. With this in mind a cartoon like The Autograph Hound should come as no surprise to fans of 1930's Disney animation.

The following is a review from a 1939 issue of Boxoffice.

"'Autograph Hound' RKO (Disney Cartoon) 8min.
Donald Duck goes Hollywood for a fine piece of entertainment which should more than satisfy the children and also give adults a good time. Hit with the autograph bug, Donald wangles his way into a couple studios for autographs of Mickey Rooney, Sonja Henie and a few of the others until the word gets around that he is the famous Disney duck. The stars drop everything and chase Donald for his autograph, even the lumpy gateman who has been chasing the duck off the lots. The color work is beautiful and on toto [I am guess that this is a misspelling but I don't know for what], it is a short which will garnish any program with just the right thing it needs."

The following is a review that a theater owner wrote for the Motion Picture Herald.

"Autograph Hound: Walt Disney Cartoons- The entire staff thought this was the best Donald and therefore the best short comedy we have ever played. Donald Duck ranks way on top. - Gordon P. Held. Strand Theatre, Griswold, Iowa. General patronage"

AnimationRay Patin (Cop's foot kicks duck out of scene. Cop says "Get Out and Stay Out"; Duck lands in gutter, bounces, book hit him on back of head; Don: "Aw phooey, you big flatfoot!" Car comes in and almost hits Don...Pan up to Garbo in car window; Cop goes into take; Don on desert carrying block of ice. Sun melts ice; Don looks up, hears music, says: "Oh Boy!"; Don, blushing ... starts to reach for autograph book; Shirley and Don sit into sitting pose, out of breath. Don says "w-why you're Shirley Temple" Shirley says "and, and you're Donald Duck"; both Shirley & Don speak at same time "May I have you autograph and Aye, Aye Sir!" They exchange books and start to write with fannies to aud. Don spells out "D.O.N.A.L.D. D.U.C.K." (with tail))
Claude Smith (Cop says: "You webfooted autograph hound!" as he slams the gate; Cop: "Good Morning Miss Garco" (split with Lee Morehouse); Don runs upstairs, collides with Shirley, rolls downstairs; Cop exclaims "Donald Duck" and drops Don... then cop says "Did you say..."; Three girls and Charley McCarthy... girls say "Donald Duck" and run out of scene. Charlie says "Ho-hum fickle women")
John Ellliotte (Garbo and Duck in car; Ritz Brothers, go into pose...Duck enters says "Let me have your autograph" (split with Ward Kimball); Duck goes backwards from camera. Ritz Brothers enter with backs to camera; Duck being backed up by Ritz Bros. dive, scramble, then exit. Ritz Brothers autograph on Don's fanny... Don in tantrum (spilt with Ward Kimball); Cop's legs running right to left)
Lee Morehouse (Cop: "Good Morning Miss Garco"  (split with Claude Smith); Truck driver raises mechanical arm. Don (laughing) enters scene on fender of passing car (is hooked on arm); Don laughing falls at feet of cop. Cop imitates laugh. Don shoots out of scene in blue streak; Mickey Rooney (laughing) ducks violin. Pan over to window; Cop. Violin hits cop in face. Cop burns; Don goes into take, legs spinning, runs out, pan through door; Cop stops Ritz Brothers says "Hey..." (split with Dun Roman and Johnny Cannon); (cops dialogue continued from previous scene ["Did you say... (animated by Claude Smith)] "Donald Duck" (split with Nick deTolly); Garbo and Gable... Garbo lets Gable drop out of scene. Garbo runs out. Gable sits up and says "Donald Duck"  (split with Nick deTolly); prop man running from f.g. into distance; two prop men running towards camera; Large feet running in b.g.)  
Larry Clemons (Car comes in, turns, Don waves to o.s. cop... Don says "Hi..."; Don covered by books (split with Andy Engman))
Ken Muse (Don shoots around corner in blue streak and out of scene. Cop comes around corner and runs out to right. Don shoots back in from left, stops in front of Mickey's door, says "Oh Boy Mickey Rooney"; Cop's face full of ink. Truck back to 6 field reveling Don's signature on Cop's shirt... (Iris Out))
Paul Allen (Mickey at mirror, adjusts hat. Don enters, taps Mickey on back. Don says "Why Er... Mr. Rooney"; Don says "May I have your autograph"; Mickey & Don. Mickey says ""Okay pal." Makes book disappear. "Now you see it now you don't." Don says "Where is it?" Mickey snaps Don's tie. Don says "So what!" Reaches in blouse pulls out egg, says "Now you see it... now you don't." Truck down to Don laughing; Mickey scrutinizes Don says "I wonder if it could be here..."; Don takes off hat- goes into burn- egg fries; Mickey hits Don under chin says "I'll take mine over easy.."; Don goes "B-r-r-r." Shakes egg off head. Goes into fighting (squawking) pose; Mickey puts violin into Don's hands during fighting pose. Mickey dances to Don's music; Don ends music goes into take; starts to throw violin)
Dunbar Roman (Don runs in revolving doors, Armetta comes out holding platter; Cop runs behind bldg, follow cop on pan. Cop says "Have you seen a Duck?"; Don under servidor says "No flatfoot." Withdraws head quickly under servidor; Cop shoots into scene says "Have ye got a duck in there?"; Armetta says "Whatsa mat... no ducka boss, rosta' beef?" (pan up to Don in servidor) says "yeah rosta' beef flatfoot." Don anticipates throwing roast beef; Don throws roast beef in platter. Armetta says "Hey take it easy... Looka'! Out'a! A look! Out'a!"... Don jumps into plate and leapfrogs over cop's head. Armetta and cop wipe gravy off their faces, etc.)
Ed Love (Don running on pan thru studio props. Runs on to ice, slips and falls; Don says "Ice... Well I'll be doggoned! What will they think of next!"; Don sitting on ice - looks off to right says "Sonja Henie!"... "Miss Sonja..." paddles off to the right; (Sign) (The road to Mandalay) Truck back, Don runs into backdrop; Do settles as head vibrates; Cop's legs running to right)
Bob Stokes (Sonja going into spin; Sonja looking o.s. to left. Don enters and says "May I have your autograph?"; Waist up of Sonja says "Okay!"; Sonja finishing autograph pauses, skates out to right. Don comes in and say "Oh boy!" Then to audience "That's colossal!"; Joe E. Brown says "Me-e-o-w"; Martha Ray says "oh boy Donald Duck!"; K. Hepburn says "Donald Duck"; Chas. Boyer)
Ken Peterson (Silhouettes dancing on side of tent; Sihouettes dancing, Don watching, pan with silhouettes of dancing girls. Shadows reveled to be three men in red flannel underwear. When they come out in the clear, we see the three Ritz Brothers; Don says "Well I'll be the Ritz Brothers... Hey!"; Directly at bow of boat. Cop pulls Don thru porthole, laughs. Anticipates hitting Don on head with club. Cop says "Now I got cha.")  
Ward Kimball (
Ritz Brothers, go into pose...Duck enters says "Let me have your autograph" (split with John Elliotte); Ritz Brothers say "Autograph?" Then look at each other; First Ritz Brother sings bass: "He wants h'our h'autograph"; Second Ritz Brother sings tenor "He wants our autograph"; Three Ritz Bros. "Hike." All get in huddle then sneak; Duck being backed up by Ritz Bros. dive, scramble, then exit. Ritz Brothers autograph on Don's fanny... Don in tantrum (spilt with John Elliotte))
Johnny Cannon (Cop stops Ritz Brothers says "Hey..." (split with Dun Roman and Lee Morehouse); Don anticipates throwing bucket... Cut as he draws back;
Cop says "Have you gentlemen seen a duck?" paint bucket enters hits cop on head on the word "Duck" (split with Dun Roman); Don goes into take speeds out of scene to left; Shirley says "Oh I forgot to dot the 'I'"... kisses it and hands it back to Don. Book with heart over "I" in Shirley. Don looks at book and says "Oh boy"; Don leaps in air, yells "Whoopee!" Cops hand comes out of porthole and grabs Don; Don says "Oh! Oh!")
Judge Whittaker (Shirley with head through porthole yells "You leave him alone... he's Donald Duck"; Two soldiers in bayonet fight, hear o.s. "Donald Duck!" Both soldiers stop fighting yell "Donald Duck." Dead soldiers sit up yell "Donald Duck." Other two soldiers run but... (pan) Lone Ranger gallops in. Horse says "Donald Duck.")
Nick deTolly (Garbo and Gable... Garbo lets Gable drop out of scene. Garbo runs out. Gable sits up and says "Donald Duck"  
(split with Lee Morehouse); Roland Young says "Oh my!"; Irving S. Cobb & Edward Arnold; Bette Davis says "Duck..."; Mischa Auer)
Ozzie Evans (Step'n Fetchet says "Donald Duck.")
Rex Cox (Hugh Herbert says "Woo Hoo"; Groucho Marx says "Donald Duck.")
John Dunn (Lionel Barrymore says "Donald..."; Harpo Marx says "Honk Honk"; Joan Crawford)
Andy Engman (Don covered by books (split with Larry Clemmons))
Emory Hawkins (Don & cop pop out of books. Cop starts to hit Don but says "Your autograph sir... let me have it"; Don says "Ok flatfoot." Shoots pen from ink in cop's face...)

Story: Donald is kicked out of a motion picture studio for sneaking in to get autographs. However Donald uses Greta Garbo's car to sneak back in. The studio guard sees him and quickly gives chase. While trying to avoid the guard Donald runs into various celebrities and tries to get their autographs with little luck. However he eventually runs into Shirley Temple, who Donald's autograph. After she lets everybody know Donald Duck is on set, all the celebrities want his autograph.



-Michael J. Ruhland

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